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Priority areas of improvement?

The 2016 joint annual poll conducted by financial cloud software provider Kyriba and the ACT found that 62% of respondents had been targets of either internal or external fraud over the past year – up from 43% in the previous survey. But while fraud prevention would, on that basis, appear to be a priority area for improvement, respondents indicated they were far more focused on honing their skills in other areas, such as: cash and liquidity management; cash-flow forecasting; treasury automation; and risk management. The survey revealed that resource-strapped treasurers face the concurrent issues of growing operational complexity, more onerous

How are you managing your cash?

Pretty much since the dawn of time there has been a simple fact about business: if you haven’t got any cash, you won’t have a business. The overwhelming reason for business failure is running out of money. And that means real money, not hoped for money, not might be money and certainly not ‘the cheque’s in the post’ or, ‘will next week do?’ money! What has changed though is the way in which the people responsible for making sure business survives -that’s us as treasurers – have used the tools and techniques of finance to ensure survival. That’s equally true

Happy, well perhaps interesting 2017

We sit in London looking out on the office blocks of the financial services community and that does give a bias to be drawn to read the Brexit blurb in the press but 2017 will raise issues which transcend the UK’s self-imposed uncertainty of stepping out of one trade bloc in the hope of creating its own. Brexit has yet to formally commence although we now know how to do that. We will continue to watch and worry over its development for several years. The themes we can expect to develop to some tangible outcome during 2017 are bank regulation

Cheerio and thanks

A huge shout out for all of you who have supported the ACT during 2016. You have all really made the difference. Thank you. Believe me you needn’t have tried so hard to create the political and economic conditions that reminds everyone just why they need an ACT qualified treasurer in their midst to make sense of what lies ahead of us and thus deliver an honest crust for your business. Naturally I’m thrilled to report that the ACT team has done all it can to give you the very best support. It’s a startling statistic, but I can confidently

Financial regulation – a step closer for corporates

I recently attended a roundtable to discuss the forthcoming UK Money Markets Code (which ironically will not cover MMFs).  The opening sentence uttered by a banker who was co-hosting the meeting was “this is not regulation by the back door”.  I listened, argued, tried to believe it, but don’t. If bankers want to impose ‘soft regulation’’ on themselves that is fine (and arguably laudable) but my real concern is that old saw of ‘unintended consequences’…  Basically any corporate who is “regularly active” in placing money on deposit, investing in repos or borrowing and lending securities will be caught by the

Peter Hayman, Founding Member and Honorary Fellow (1925 – 2016)

He had huge charm, a wicked sense of humour and great backbone.” Mike Northeast   Peter was one of the ACT ‘Pioneers’ and was instrumental in the formation of the ACT in 1979 and the early development of the treasury profession. He was a member of the very first Council and Chairman of Council from 1982-84. His professional career was shaped by the first ever B.Com course at Birmingham University. Following the war, where he served as an infantryman in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant and quickly established a taste for business turnarounds. Looking beyond

2016 Membership roundup

Christmas is just around the corner. As we rush around buying presents, meeting friends and celebrating with colleagues we should remember to put aside some time to think about our plans for the new year – including our career plan. 2016 has been an exciting year for the ACT and we have developed lots of great tools to help with your professional development. The mentoring scheme has had over 100 mentees join this year alone, and we have heard great things from both the mentor and mentee perspective. If you haven’t signed up as either a mentor or mentee yet

Technology Risk and Smart Treasury

The recent Technology Risk and Smart Treasury forum offered a great opportunity to step out of day to day business for an afternoon and consider the future direction of treasury and technology. The first session presented by Andrew Fletcher from Thomson Reuters labs provided a fascinating insight into the developing tools available to track customer interests. The recent Brexit and US presidential elections were decided within the forecasting error of most opinion polls (and worse the polls typically showed a greater probability for remain and Hilary Clinton), dealing a blow to the forecasters and so it is easy to see


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