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ACT Middle East Treasury Summit: conference speaker Q&A

This year’s ACT Middle East Treasury Summit, 16-17 October in Dubai, will be your definitive technical update showcasing real treasury transformation case studies from senior leaders who have positioned their team as valuable, influential partners to the business. Here’s the latest Q&A with three of our conference speakers! Michael P. Grifferty, President, Gulf Bond & Sukuk Association How do you think treasury has evolved over the previous 10 years? From the point of view of funding, treasury in our region has advanced a lot. Treasurers have a much better feel for the various options as well as advantages offered by loan

ACT Diversity & Inclusion events

It was great to get together with members on 16 July 2018 for the fourth event on our ACT Diversity and Inclusion Calendar, hosted by Mark Tweedie and Citi. Calendar is a series of events developed with the aim to provide an inclusive platform for all treasury professionals to share their experience on engaging and empowering underrepresented groups in corporate treasury. Gender matters, LGBT allies and mental health and wellbeing were our first three events in the calendar, and we felt the overarching theme of unconscious bias was a great topic for July. Unconscious bias impacts everyone’s decision making, and

ACT Assessment systems are changing!

Over the last few years, despite working with our suppliers to improve the service delivery and stability of the systems, we have not been able to get to the point where our students can take their exams stress-free and perform to the best of their ability. We have listened to all the feedback received from our students and at the start of 2018 we undertook a tender process to look at other eAssessment and remote invigilation systems, while also taking this opportunity to review whether remote invigilation is the right choice for us. This work was extremely positive and informative,

Mentoring techniques

A mentor/mentee relationship can be invaluable in providing an opportunity for you to consider and analyse the options available, get new information and identify any support that may be needed. There are some proven techniques to help both the mentor and mentee develop effective mentoring conversations. 1. Active Listening Mentors need good listening skills, but this can be easier said than done. The brain capacity to process information is four times the speed we can speak. This means the mind can easily wander off due to this spare brain capacity. Our ears never close, they are constantly taking in and


Every organisation, large or small, faces the risk of something going badly wrong and harming others and the organisation itself. Getting whistleblowing right saves time, money and resources. Larger, multi-national organisations tend to recognise the benefits of well promoted whistleblowing arrangements, but their effectiveness has, until now, been harder to prove. What is whistleblowing? Someone blows the whistle when they tell their employer, a regulator, customers, the police or the media about wrongdoing, risk or malpractice that they are aware of through their work. It can inform those who need to know about health and safety risks, potential environmental problems,

LIBOR Transition – Summer Reading (and some actions)

The transition away from LIBOR is picking up pace with a number of important publications being published over the past week or so, just in time for us to take them to the beach – or the back garden, which is probably warmer in the UK right now… These publications will no doubt be shared widely in the coming weeks but, as many of you have expressed an interest, we (with thanks to our colleagues at the LMA) have attempted to provide a summary of the key publications below. Please do read them and respond where appropriate. LIBOR transition is

Breaking new ground

Those new to treasury profession as well as those who require an overview of the whole treasury function, are often seeking to get a high value hands-on training from more experienced peers. In June this year, we launched a revamped version of our A-Z of Corporate Treasury training course. This in-depth introduction to the corporate treasury function in international markets, in its new four-day format, featured trainers from an independent treasury and risk management consultancy, Zanders, which brought great value to the course. Zanders is delighted to be working in partnership with the ACT on delivery of The A-Z  of

How Long for Low Interest Rates?

The BIS has released its Annual Economic Report ( in which it notes that the burden of resolving the GFC has been borne by central banks. They have acted to reduce short term interest rates by money market operations, and to reduce long interest rates by on market purchases through Quantitative Easing.  The latter is now being unwound but, to date, unwinding of central bank QE in the USA and the EUR block has had little effect on long term rates and expectations of future rates (see Graph 1.3 in the Report) remain low. However, BIS identifies potential problems due


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