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  1. Caroline. Welcome to the ACT and good luck. I am sure Ria and the team will have settled you in.

    1. Thanks, Lance! Yes, Ria and team are doing a great job of making me welcome. Great to be part of the ACT!

  2. I know you have a lot to do but many of us members would like chartered status in our own name and I wondered how close we are to now achieving that goal.?

    1. Thanks for your post, Humphrey. The ACT was delighted to receive its Royal Charter in 2013 and it remains our ambition to extend that to Chartered status for members. The Privy Council’s preferred route to individual Chartered status is to ask for a period of development following the award of the Royal Charter. We are reviewing the situation and maintaining a dialogue with the Privy Council. In the meantime, we continue to promote best practice, support CPD and to define and maintain professional standards for members and the wider treasury community so that when we do make a formal application we will have the best chance of success.

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