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Accreditation of in-company training programmes – setting the standard

Accreditation is the formal recognition of a person’s learning achievements which is linked to an internal or external standard. Many learning and development activities are often linked to some kind of accreditation, usually a qualification, but this is not always the case. Professional accreditation involves meeting the standards set by a particular sector or industry body. The ACT sets standards for those working in and with treasury. This is done through its competency framework which describes the skills, knowledge and behaviours individuals should possess no matter what stage of their career they’re at. These standards, or competencies, underpin the ACT
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East and east again, Part 2!

The second leg of my Asian double header brought me and the ACT team back to one of our favourite conferences, this year renamed as the Asian Treasury Leaders’ Forum. Since we moved to a full day format 3 years ago, the event has gone from strength to strength on several different levels. There’s the backing we get from the local treasury bodies, the positive endorsement of other local and regional professional bodies and trade associations and, of course, the support of the HKMA, Hong Kong’s central bank. Most of all the enthusiasm from the treasury community locally and further
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UK Payments – work in progress

We met in London to hear from Tim Yudin of Payments UK as the trade association for payments, and Nick Davies of the Payment Strategy Forum, the forum set up by the UK’s Payments Systems Regulator (PSR) and includes Katherine Horrell FCT, of Centrica. Shaun Kennedy AMCT, of Affinity Water sits on one its End User group. It is to the latter’s draft strategy that the ACT has responded (our response links to the Strategy document). The strategy follows a year of discussion and analysis to define the shortfalls, the “detriments”, their potential solutions and seeks to prioritise their development. Long
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Lessons from the Brexit referendum: there may be trouble ahead – and you can’t be over-prepared

Sitting in a meeting last week, a number of bankers shared their views on how the financial markets had coped following the result of the UK referendum to leave the EU. The key takeaway was that (although the precise result may have been a surprise), everybody was prepared and this level of preparedness, along with the gradual release of news over several hours as the results came in, effectively mitigated the risk of the markets seizing up. The great advantage, if we can call it that,  was that everybody knew the timing of any ‘surprise’ and could put plans in
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East and east again!

This is the first instalment of an Asian double-header from Singapore and then Hong Kong, representing the ACT, meeting our members and students and a whole bunch of other people too! And meeting taxi drivers as well….and like taxi drivers everywhere, the ones in Singapore are not short of an opinion! So, you ask, what’s business like? Well, they say, given that next week is the night F1 race which shuts much of the city centre and no-one in Singapore (apart from the Government) is that fussed, it could be better! In seriousness though there is a nervousness in SE

Treasury in bloom

Topical (and tropical) conversations and celebrations at the ACT’s inaugural Ones to Watch event A new book by developmental psychology and philosophy professor, Alison Gopnik, has hit the self-help shelves with something of a subversive thud. Unsettling reverberations have been felt as they jitter through the chattering classes. Well intentioned ‘pushy parents’ – pushing out offspring into an increasingly competitive, cut-throat and uncertain world – are told that actually the most valuable modes of learning are the ones which give children the freedom to innovate, create and survive so as to overcome adversity and make good out of unpredictability. Drawing
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Engaging with the human in ‘human capital’ is crucial for economies to live long and prosper

Resource and resourcefulness: a Kenyan case study in rethinking human capital Your human resource is not simply those names populating the payroll each month If we want our enterprises and our economy to thrive and keep pace, business must recognise the great stake it has in all human capital – a wide and malleable resource that can also be described as society at large. The damage done by an untapped pool of human resource can be as boundless as human potential itself. So business must be resourceful. This was perhaps one of the most startling messages – subtly implied yet
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New experience entry route to the Diploma in Treasury Management

According to Albert Einstein “the only source of knowledge is experience”. At the ACT we probably take a broader view than Einstein in the fact that we believe knowledge can come from lots of different sources but, of course, experience plays an important role in how our careers take shape. For this reason, the ACT recently launched a new route to support highly experienced treasury practitioners gain direct entry into the Diploma in Treasury Management. This new route is called Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning  (APEL). We recognise that not everyone will have an academic background who works in treasury


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