Tips for managing remote teams

Managing a finance team that is spread out across various locations can present challenges, even for the most experienced person. The geographical dispersion of teams has become increasingly common in the modern workplace, but how do you help remote workers feel part of a team? Setting up global virtual teams who were fully part of building (and then delivering) a finance strategy falls within my working experience, as does building a sense of inclusion for a large shared service centre located far from business operations. Here are a few useful tips from what I’ve learnt over the years to help

Rolling on

Dusseldorf, March 2017 At the start of last year’s ACT Europe Conference, we asked delegates about Brexit. Overwhelmingly they wanted the UK to stay in and didn’t want anyone else to think about leaving. Well, like the Rhein that inexorably flows through this city on its way to the North Sea, a lot of water has passed under quite a few bridges since then! Treasurers though must be prepared to help their businesses prosper in all circumstances and for that they need to understand the issues that really matter. @PeterMatza testing the level of optimism. Everyone is slightly equivocal after

Speaker blog: Hardwiring technology into treasury operations – the corporate perspective

Measuring the benefits to the business. The Al Tayer Group operates over 200 stores in the Middle East and has successfully introduced more than 80 brands to the region. When I joined Al Tayer in November last year, a Treasury Management System (TMS) provider had already been identified through an RFP process. My predecessor had done a thorough job with this, ensuring that the chosen software provider was well suited for the Group’s requirements. I cannot stress enough the importance of this – if you meet your company’s specific needs, you can avoid unwarranted costs and ensure a much smoother

ISDA any point?

Back in the old days, I remember when you could rely on a “committed” bank facility to give you confidence that your business had sufficient funding headroom to underpin the board’s going concern statements in its financial accounts. Recently, doubt has started to creep in – in particular, does “committed” really mean what it used to?

Mind mapping

Over the course of the next few newsletters I’m going to be sharing a few tips with you which I’ve learned over the years to help me study successfully.

This month I want to share “Mind Mapping®” with you. Invented by Tony Buzan who’s an expert in memory and the mind, it’s a great technique which you’ll find yourself using all the time. Mind Mapping® can be used to:
  • remember things (great for revising)
  • structure things (like an exam answer or a work report)
  • take notes in a meeting or a lecture

Year-end cash management

2014 It seemed to go much better this time. After a number of companies had to scramble to place sterling and euro cash at year-end 2012 and there being some pressure at end 2013, ACT Policy & Technical have the impression that more attention from all sides has meant 2014 year-end has seemed unremarkable.