How to get the best from learning online

Vanessa Harwood-Whitcher, ACT’s Director of Learning shares her tips on how to learn online. More and more companies are using eLearning as a cost effective and easy way to train their employees. Whilst this brings great advantages to the employer, eLearning can sometimes feel a bit daunting for us learners. Here are some ways to make the most of learning online: Tip 1: make a study plan Think about what skills you need to develop and make a note of these before you start learning. Have a think about why you want to learn them and once you’ve completed your

It’s cash management – but not as you know it

It’s cash management – but not as you know it. That’s why we decided to give our annual cash management conference a new look this year – and a new name: Smart Cash. On 8-9 March 2017, the first conference of our 2017 events programme brought together nearly 200 cash management professionals over two days. An impressive panel with great insights from the Corporate users…how do you get comfortable with ‘clouds’ #smartcash17 (@dubey1234) A clear favourite with the audience were the sessions focusing on cyber security in treasury: a well-structured panel discussion, featuring corporate treasurers, as well as a cyber

Under sunny skies!

The Autumn conference season for the ACT has been in full swing around our network from the UK to Hong Kong and today we opened in Dubai for our 8th year, this time billed as the ACT Middle East Annual Summit. Fashions in conference names seem to go in cycles from forums (should that be fora?), summits and exchanges, to roundtables, seminars and retreats all the way back to, well, conferences! I am sure there is research somewhere that tells us what delegates think of the name but in truth, it’s the experience that counts and today has been one

East and east again, Part 2!

The second leg of my Asian double header brought me and the ACT team back to one of our favourite conferences, this year renamed as the Asian Treasury Leaders’ Forum. Since we moved to a full day format 3 years ago, the event has gone from strength to strength on several different levels. There’s the backing we get from the local treasury bodies, the positive endorsement of other local and regional professional bodies and trade associations and, of course, the support of the HKMA, Hong Kong’s central bank. Most of all the enthusiasm from the treasury community locally and further

Treasury in bloom

Topical and tropical conversations and celebrations at the ACT’s inaugural Ones to Watch event A new book by developmental psychology and philosophy professor, Alison Gopnik, has hit the self-help shelves with something of a subversive thud. Unsettling reverberations have been felt as they jitter through the chattering classes. Well intentioned ‘pushy parents’ – pushing out offspring into an increasingly competitive, cut-throat and uncertain world – are told that actually the most valuable modes of learning are the ones which give children the freedom to innovate, create and survive so as to overcome adversity and make good out of unpredictability. Drawing

ACTAC 2016 Day Three

First of all, rumours circulating about members of the ACT team and their relationship with alcoholic beverages after the gala evening can be completely denied. At least until the tabloids get the pictures! For those of us with a more, ahem, sober disposition, Friday-day three-offered yet more great evidence of the widening scope of treasury responsibility. For the past couple of years, Friday sessions have been aimed at particular aspects of doing the job. However, don’t be fooled into thinking these are dry, technical or even too narrowly focussed. A management development session produced great audience interaction, although one delegate

From bard to worse: A Shakespearean take on the treasurer’s world today

As the entire world marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death whilst simultaneously gearing itself up for the ACT Annual Conference, our Senior Conference Producer, Julie Scrase, caught up with the man himself to speak beyond the grave about treasury, tech, banking, networking, diversity, cash management, Brexit, Boris Johnson and regulation… JS: Mr Shakespeare, you first attended an ACT event this February when you came along to our Cash Management Conference. What were your thoughts on the networking opportunities and the peers that you met there?  WS: O, wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is!

Challenges and opportunities for the year ahead

The opening keynote speaker at the ACT Europe Conference 2016 in Düsseldorf, 9 March, Peter Llewellyn-Davies discusses challenges and opportunities for the year ahead. Peter is Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Executive Board of Medigene AG. What is your top concern for 2016? As a Brit living and working in Europe I see the impending referendum as early as June on whether the country should remain in the EU or leave as a major concern. This will be a seminal moment, not just for the UK, but for the EU as a whole. It will have economic influences as