ACT Annual Dinner 2018 – Thank you for supporting us

A huge thank you to all those who came to the ACT Annual Dinner yesterday at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London – it was a huge success and we hope that you all enjoyed the night! The Dinner provided a fantastic opportunity to network with treasury and finance peers whilst enjoying a superb 3-course meal, fine wine and entertainment in one of the most prestigious venues in London. As the night evolved guests welcomed the after dinner speaker, Sandi Toksvig, who received a fantastic reception. With 1500+ guests, the event raised over £60,000 for the Hand in Hand international charity,

Tips for managing remote teams

Managing a finance team that is spread out across various locations can present challenges, even for the most experienced person. The geographical dispersion of teams has become increasingly common in the modern workplace, but how do you help remote workers feel part of a team? Setting up global virtual teams who were fully part of building (and then delivering) a finance strategy falls within my working experience, as does building a sense of inclusion for a large shared service centre located far from business operations. Here are a few useful tips from what I’ve learnt over the years to help

Under sunny skies!

The Autumn conference season for the ACT has been in full swing around our network from the UK to Hong Kong and today we opened in Dubai for our 8th year, this time billed as the ACT Middle East Annual Summit. Fashions in conference names seem to go in cycles from forums (should that be fora?), summits and exchanges, to roundtables, seminars and retreats all the way back to, well, conferences! I am sure there is research somewhere that tells us what delegates think of the name but in truth, it’s the experience that counts and today has been one

Learning environments lay foundations for future business landscapes

The infinity of our ability to adapt and adopt changes is nothing short of amazing. So these days we use the internet for everything from booking a train ticket, shopping or even for some, finding a love match. Specialised systems play vital roles in simplifying work processes. You could say in every way technology has had a significant social and economic impact. Not only that, but, every time something changes or something new is introduced we find ourselves having to master new skills to use operating systems and their updates… Technology doesn’t just have a role in the workplace, it can

Build your network, build your skills, build your understanding

How have senior roles changed in the last 5 years? It will be no surprise to you I’m sure to hear that the role of the treasurer has changed significantly in the last 5 years. The profile of treasury and the visibility of the treasurer has also grown in the last few years – fuelled by the changes in the economy and the need for greater financial understanding and transparency. Alex Hyde from Brewer Morris kicked off the treasury careers evening for senior members on Thursday, 21 April, by looking at the trends in the current market and changes to

Treasury trending

We’re a bit too far into 2016 to pretend that this blog is a New Year thought-provoking piece where I cast a sentimental glance back at the previous 12 months in the treasury world and consider what might be on the horizon, offering as I do so, some poignant tips and advice about what’s to come. No, I’ll come clean – recently I was asked to speak at the 1TC Treasury Convention and this gave me a chance to think about more than just the last 12 months. I took the opportunity to look back over my own time in treasury

Speaker blog: Sophisticated treasurer – the art of excelling in communication

Consideration of your audience is fundamental to the success of any message: understanding how your audience thinks and what your audience needs, greatly enhances your chances of successful communication. Having worked in both multinational corporations and with family run businesses, I have observed a few key nuances in communicating successfully, which are good skills to transfer to most situations. How to influence business executives and steer company strategy The first nuance, which is intrinsically linked to trust, is the necessity to divulge everything and be completely transparent. Related to this, is ensuring you present all possible options, even those you

Speaker blog: Planting the seed – developing treasury talent along the path to CFO

What does it take to be a good treasurer? It takes a certain type of person to be a good treasurer, and it takes a certain type of person to be a great treasurer. While every treasury role is unique, I believe there are specific skills (interpersonal and technical) that every good treasurer should possess. The treasury function often liaises with multiple departments, so an ability to connect the dots – in an approachable and diplomatic way – is vital. A key part of my current role is bridging the gap between the local finance and commercial teams, and head