The business of treasury-getting professionally qualified

Now into its fifth year, the ACT’s annual survey of contemporary treasurers has been published and provides some enlightening information. Entitled, ‘The Business of Treasury’, the report provides data and findings from a survey on a wide range of issues such as board reporting, the strategic impact of treasurers, sources of funding and the importance of treasury qualifications. The survey randomly selected 196 qualified treasurers from the ACT’s membership base who gave anonymised answers, which give us all the opportunity to look at what’s at the forefront of treasurers’ minds, what the profession needs and how it’s developing. The full

ACT Career Hub – a tool for professional development

As a member of the Future Leaders working group I wanted to look at some of the member benefits offered and understand how relevant/ useful they were to me. I’ve written a diary of my month using the ACT Career Hub – I hope it inspires you to take a look at this member benefit. As an AMCT who attends events and reads The Treasurer, I was keen to see what added value there was in accessing the career hub. I’m not looking for a new job, so I didn’t want to use the CV aspects of the career hub,

Tips for managing remote teams

Managing a finance team that is spread out across various locations can present challenges, even for the most experienced person. The geographical dispersion of teams has become increasingly common in the modern workplace, but how do you help remote workers feel part of a team? Setting up global virtual teams who were fully part of building (and then delivering) a finance strategy falls within my working experience, as does building a sense of inclusion for a large shared service centre located far from business operations. Here are a few useful tips from what I’ve learnt over the years to help

Transforming careers in treasury and finance

For over ten years, the ACT Educational Trust has been supporting individuals in developing countries who wish to forge a career in treasury but are unable to gain sponsorship to study towards an ACT qualification. We are delighted to share the success of one such individual, who has recently completed the CertTF qualification and is just about to start his CertT studies, all with the help of the Trust’s bursary scheme. Gildas Katro Digbeu, Senior Accountant – Account Receivables, Global Travel Alliance, South Africa tells us his story: Working as a Corporate Finance Executive has always been my passion since

Under sunny skies!

The Autumn conference season for the ACT has been in full swing around our network from the UK to Hong Kong and today we opened in Dubai for our 8th year, this time billed as the ACT Middle East Annual Summit. Fashions in conference names seem to go in cycles from forums (should that be fora?), summits and exchanges, to roundtables, seminars and retreats all the way back to, well, conferences! I am sure there is research somewhere that tells us what delegates think of the name but in truth, it’s the experience that counts and today has been one

The treasury skill set is in high demand, especially when times are challenging

According to the Brewer Morris salary survey, 64% of those who responded received a pay rise in the last 12 months, while 72% received a bonus. As treasury skills become more sought-after it’s a good time to be in treasury. So started a lively and informative evening on treasury careers. Rachael Crocker from Brewer Morris began the evening by speaking to ACT members about key trends in treasury recruitment. 4 key recruitment trends in the last 12 months An increase in cash management visibility highlighted through increased recruitment into cash management strategy teams (both through growth of existing teams and

What’s on the horizon for treasurers?

I left you with the rather tantalising question, “what does the future hold for the treasurer?” in my last blog on the drivers of change in treasury, and I will start to attempt to answer this. But let me first cite the highly-respected Oxford philosopher, Robert Roland Smith, who spoke recently on BBC Radio Four. He said he believed that we are about to start a “New Age”. Over centuries, he said, mankind had moved through different ages- First was the Age of superstition,  then Age of religion, reason, then most recently the Age of ideas. He predicted that the

Celebrating success

This month we are celebrating the success of our students who have completed the penultimate set of “old” ACT exams. Very many congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard to achieve their qualifications. It takes time, dedication and personal sacrifices to study for professional qualifications, mainly as they fall at a time of life when people are busy with their families and careers and are juggling many conflicting priorities. So it’s important to celebrate our success as well as remembering the efforts we’ve made to get our qualifications. Here’s 5 good reasons for celebrating: It’s a moment to reflect on