Touching base with our UK treasury network in the South West

The ACT treasury network (South West England) met in Cirencester in May and I was invited to attend and share what the Policy and Technical team have been working on. It was my first meeting with the group and I found it a highly informative session. There were members from a range of organisations – including US inbound businesses, manufacturing and retailers, with teams as large as 8 and as low as 1! A number of topics were discussed at the meeting and it was great to see members sharing their experiences to help others and offer support with materials

Addressing the UK’s impending exit from the EU

With the 29 March deadline fast approaching, here’s an update of Brexit activities the Policy & Technical team have been involved in. The Q&As undertaken with the CBI and with support from the FCA and other key organisations (such as ICMA) have been updated to reflect the latest position on key issues such as contract continuity, SEPA access and the rules for financial institutions that do not apply to join the UK’s Temporary Permissions Regime. Our ongoing Brexit readiness poll remains open and we request members to continue to update it with their latest position. Over the last few weeks

Year-end cash management

2014 It seemed to go much better this time. After a number of companies had to scramble to place sterling and euro cash at year-end 2012 and there being some pressure at end 2013, ACT Policy & Technical have the impression that more attention from all sides has meant 2014 year-end has seemed unremarkable.

US money-fund rules: corporates will just have to get a little smarter

Monday 28 July

New US institutional money market fund rules will come into effect over a couple of years. But expect funds and investors to change much faster than that. And we have new rules to look forward to in Europe in due course. Non-financial corporates have opposed new money-fund rules. But now they have to live with them. Changes for US prime funds that corporates use1

Dusseldorf June 2014…

The travelling roadshow that is the ACT flagship conference series added its fourth leg (to the UK, Middle East and Asia) at the end of June in Dusseldorf.

We were delighted to work closely with the German treasury and CFO associations, the VDT and GEFIU respectively and IAFEI to produce our first full day formal conference in continental Europe. And boy, did we have a show!

Glasgow, Annual Conference 2014. Day three. Last words

I left this blog last night before our ‘Eat, Drink, Connect’ festivities. How did it go? A resounding success is definitely the verdict even though some of us bailed out fairly early! And then, Wow! That was the way to end!

A fantastic turnout for the Question Time panel moderated by Kirsty Wark. Great entertainment, some lively debate and a really bright, engaged audience. And that could easily be our theme for the whole conference!