Telling your treasury story

Are you a treasury professional with an interesting story, experience or case study to share? Don’t keep it to yourself! In 2017 we have a multitude of events in the calendar and we’re actively looking for new speakers. If you’re a veteran or completely new to speaking, check out why getting involved at an ACT event is business critical this year: 1. Speaking is prestigious and gets you noticed From raising your profile to showing off the success of your company, speaking at an ACT event gets you noticed. As the only Chartered body for treasury, we’re the definitive voice

Under sunny skies!

The Autumn conference season for the ACT has been in full swing around our network from the UK to Hong Kong and today we opened in Dubai for our 8th year, this time billed as the ACT Middle East Annual Summit. Fashions in conference names seem to go in cycles from forums (should that be fora?), summits and exchanges, to roundtables, seminars and retreats all the way back to, well, conferences! I am sure there is research somewhere that tells us what delegates think of the name but in truth, it’s the experience that counts and today has been one

Deals of the Year 2016

The Treasurer’s Deals of the Year awards have been going for 18 years now and it’s been an extraordinary journey. Not just for statistics alone, although they have been remarkable, but for the respect and recognition treasurers have brought to their profession. Now, having said the word statistics, I can’t resist the temptation… More than $2 trillion of capital funding and finance has been raised in the last 12 months and more than 2,500 nominations recognising those deals have been submitted. I should also mention the 1800 people fed and watered at the celebration lunches (and now dinners) and nearly two hundred awards

Pension liabilities: sense and non-sense

Our opposition to the ASB’s proposal to use a risk-free rate to discount pension scheme liabilities has been the subject of an ACT press release earlier this week; it will be interesting to see how much external attention is paid to the arguments that we and other organisations are making. At the heart of our opposition lie two strands: that there is an underlying inconsistency between the approach proposed for valuation of assets and liabilities – and this should be addressed; and that the standard setters cannot disregard the societal consequences of the arbitrary conclusion on the use of a

Credit crunch and after

Dealing with change in a volatile world was the title for our annual conference that has just finished in Edinburgh. Back in the middle of 2007 when we started planning for the event I doubt any of us anticipated just how topical our content would be – and how appropriate would be the contribution of our keynote speakers.