Tech innovation catch-up tops CFO to-do list in 2019

This article was written by Amanda Iacone from Bloomberg Tax. It appeared first on the Bloomberg Terminal. Innovations like data analytics and automation aren’t reaching corporate finance as quickly as CFOs and controllers would like, prompting them to make a big tech push in 2019. Just 13 percent of controllers and chief financial officers say their teams use robotics process automation. An even smaller group—10 percent—say they have the right skills on their teams to adopt and use emerging technologies, according to a recent joint survey by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants and Oracle Corp. The Institute of

Time management for the digital age

What makes you more productive and are there any golden rules to ensuring you maximise your time? Everyone wants to be better at managing their time. There are occasions when things feel out of control or un-manageable, but some simple techniques can help you to feel more in control. Time management is a skill. And because it is a skill it can be developed and improved. By practising good time management, you can ingrain this as a new behaviour and make a permanent change. The holiday phenomenon. People are more productive in the run up to their holiday. The day

Accreditation of in-company training programmes – setting the standard

Accreditation is the formal recognition of a person’s learning achievements which is linked to an internal or external standard. Many learning and development activities are often linked to some kind of accreditation, usually a qualification, but this is not always the case. What it is Professional accreditation involves meeting the standards set by a particular sector or industry body. The ACT sets standards for those working in and with treasury. This is done through its competency framework which describes the skills, knowledge and behaviours individuals should possess no matter what stage of their career they’re at. These standards, or competencies,

Backing future leaders

To promote growth within the treasury profession, the ACT Educational Trust charity offers a bursary scheme to provide financial assistance for students from developing countries who are unable to fund or gain sponsorship for their ACT studies. We recently caught up with Wisdom Akakpo, Money Market Dealer, Barclays Bank Ghana Ltd. We’re delighted to say, Wisdom achieved a distinction for the Certificate in Treasury Fundamentals (CertTF) and is currently studying the Certificate in Treasury (CertT). What Wisdom had to say It all began during the summer of my year of graduation. I was selected for the SEO Career Program and was placed at Barclays. I had

Career development: are you an active changer?

Learning is simple – or is it? Well it turns out it’s not so simple. Sometimes you can read something, memorise it, go over it in your head a million times and then forget it at that critical stage. And most people approach tasks differently. Ask your colleagues how to spell a word and some will close their eyes, others will shout out the answer, others will write it down – there is no one way fits all. The fields of neuroscience and cognitive psychology have in the last few decades looked at how the brain actually learns. By understanding

Treasury trending

We’re a bit too far into 2016 to pretend that this blog is a New Year thought-provoking piece where I cast a sentimental glance back at the previous 12 months in the treasury world and consider what might be on the horizon, offering as I do so, some poignant tips and advice about what’s to come. No, I’ll come clean – recently I was asked to speak at the 1TC Treasury Convention and this gave me a chance to think about more than just the last 12 months. I took the opportunity to look back over my own time in treasury