Recollections from where East meets West

What stood out to me during the recent Asia Treasury Leaders’ Forum 2016 was the sheer diversity of professionals assembled with a keen interest to learn and share information about the design of their organisational roles and functions (yes, this was what stood out to me more than the mighty cuisine Peter would point out). Having been to a couple of corporate conferences myself, I was pleasantly surprised by not only the ability of the panellists and moderators to induce thought-provoking insights, opinions and conversations, but I was taken aback by the manner in which conversations never seemed to drift

Technical update from the ACT Asia conference 2016

Top notes from this year’s Asia Treasury Leaders’ Forum conference hit on corporate treasury in the region, uncertain times and investing cash in China. Last week was my third appearance at the ACT’s Asia conference and I have to say it gets bigger and better each year. There was definitely a real “buzz” in the exhibitors’ hall and the sessions were well attended. Delegates stayed all day instead of “cherry-picking” sessions as they tend to do in Europe, but these were the key messages and “take-a-ways” I picked up from the three plenary sessions: 1. Opening keynote: Making Hong Kong

The global treasury profession

With the strong international commitment in our qualifications, as well as our events and publishing, we are particularly conscious of the rapid growth of the treasury profession in certain key markets and geographies. Two of those on which we are focusing are Asia and the Middle East, where we already have a number of members. In the case of the former we have an established position, through our strong links with the Hong Kong ACT (which started life as an ACT regional group) and through all our qualifications but especially the Certificate in International Cash Management (CertICM).