Career evening: what type of leader do you want to be?

What type of leader do you want to be? This was a question posed by William Montgomery, CEO of TEN, at the Future Leaders careers evening. Everyone has the ability to enforce positive change. Why? Because ideas change the world. How you communicate those ideas, how you get buy in from colleagues and stakeholders, will determine how much movement there is with your idea. The skill you must learn is how to create a compelling story to bring people along with you. William’s five tips on enforcing positive change: 1. Keep speeches to 20 minutes maximum. Martin Luther-King, Steve Jobs

Hazy days and the conference challenge…

Dubai 2017….day 2 Well, were did the sun go? We’re all a bit too old to go on a nature ramble, but it’s always nice to think the sun is shining outside while we’re inside a fourth floor ballroom in a 46 storey building! Sadly not to be though. I know, I know, it’s a hard life. Sometimes though there are compensations and day 2 of the ACT Middle East Summit 2017 provided them in abundance. As much as the ACT is driven by technical skills that a contemporary treasurer needs, we also encourage treasurers to take a positive stance

ACT Middle East 2017: How we adapted, innovated and excelled

As this year’s ACT Middle East Annual Summit ends, there is plenty for us to reflect on and harness for when we get back to the office. As we all look ahead to meeting new challenges in 2018, below are some of the lessons and highlights from the event on how treasurers and finance leaders can adapt, innovate and excel in our ever-changing environment. ADAPT The conference opened with two thoughtful and thought-provoking keynotes from Dr Sabah al-Binali and Mishal Kanoo. Their challenge to attendees was for treasurers to be a stronger part of the strategy in addressing today’s challenging

Mind the Gulf

Dubai 2017 It’s not often that a keynote speaker produces an audible gasp in an ACT conference audience. To have two successive speakers do it is pretty much unheard of. But if you want to create a buzz and a stir for an event that’s the way to do it and that’s what we had this morning! Our 8th ACT Middle East Annual Summit got off to a real flyer! Dr. Sabah Hamad al-Sabah al-Binali, Investor & Entrepreneurial Leader and Mishal Kanoo, Chairman, The Kanoo Group had our delegates applauding, laughing and then seriously challenged on their world view as both speakers

Putting diversity centre stage

The launch of the ACT Diversity and Inclusion Calendar Diversity and inclusion have always been high on the ACT’s agenda and addressed through a variety of channels, be it as part of our professional mentoring programme, the bursary scheme of the ACT Educational Trust or by engaging our members in discussions at our various events. Of course, we are excited to take this engagement a step further with the launch of a dedicated ACT Diversity and Inclusion Calendar – and last week it finally happened! Opening-up the debate For our inaugural event, we focused on one of the most complex

Hong Kong heat

Our second Asian adventure this September has been in unseasonably warm and humid Hong Kong. A full report on the Asia Treasury Leaders’ Forum will appear in the Treasurer so here’s just a taster of a few days beside the fragrant harbour. There remains a wonderful contrast between the apparent calm and order of Singapore and the neon frenzy of Hong Kong not least in terms of air quality! But there’s more to Hong Kong than meets the eye. Your correspondent was lucky enough to asked to give a lunchtime lecture to undergraduate students (mostly in finance and business) at

ACT Ones to Watch networking evening

I hate to start this blog on a sombre note, but stick with me, it’ll come good, I promise! The negativity bias theory goes that humans have a propensity to focus on and remember negative experiences more easily. Some may claim they are “glass-half-full” types, but the counter-claim to anyone who says this is that there’s an evolutionary mechanism inside us all that means our minds hold onto the bad memories in order learn a lesson to try and avoid it happening again. So, if we’re all happy to accept this slightly bleak notion, let’s now focus on how we

Eastern eye

Singapore 2017 Once again the ACT was delighted to be invited to lead the Corporate Treasury workshop at this year’s GTR Trade and Treasury week in Singapore, the world’s largest event bringing these two disciplines together. Our venue was the extraordinary expo and convention centre that is the Marina Bay Sands – the three-legged hotel with the infinity pool on top, complete these days with a Singapore bumboat experience in the shopping ‘streets’! Delegates were offered not just the ACT on treasury but workshops, plenary sessions and discussion groups on all things trade and trade finance. And the state of