My first week as ACT Chief Executive

Well, a week into my role and it’s been pretty exciting stuff! Being a Chartered Accountant I often get the jokes about being boring and all about the numbers and the same image is often portrayed about treasurers. But my early view is that there is a great, diverse and personable group out there doing some very interesting and important work for their organisations. In my first week I have met with our Policy & Technical Committee and representatives of the Bank of England, attended our excellent Deals of the Year event (which you can read about here), and joined our President Fiona

The Treasurer’s Deals of the Year Awards Ceremony

I attended The Treasurer’s Deals of the Year Awards ceremony last night, along with 150 esteemed guests from the world of treasury and finance, and what a special event! Sponsored by Lloyds Bank – thank you – and held at the impressive Banking Hall, a former Lloyds Bank building, this was a wonderful introduction for me to an ACT event, being just my second day in role as Chief Executive. I can say that the evening was brilliant, and I am so proud to be part of this highly professional team. I met some wonderful people too – in many

Cheerio and thanks

A huge shout out for all of you who have supported the ACT during 2016. You have all really made the difference. Thank you. Believe me you needn’t have tried so hard to create the political and economic conditions that reminds everyone just why they need an ACT qualified treasurer in their midst to make sense of what lies ahead of us and thus deliver an honest crust for your business. Naturally I’m thrilled to report that the ACT team has done all it can to give you the very best support. It’s a startling statistic, but I can confidently

Peter Hayman, Founding Member and Honorary Fellow (1925 – 2016)

He had huge charm, a wicked sense of humour and great backbone.” Mike Northeast   Peter was one of the ACT ‘Pioneers’ and was instrumental in the formation of the ACT in 1979 and the early development of the treasury profession. He was a member of the very first Council and Chairman of Council from 1982-84. His professional career was shaped by the first ever B.Com course at Birmingham University. Following the war, where he served as an infantryman in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant and quickly established a taste for business turnarounds. Looking beyond

Are you sitting comfortably?

The beginning of July, and we’re still waiting for the sun. Wimbledon is here of course, but in the post Brexit vote era it seems everything is under covers. The weather is stuck in a rut and the recent El Niño political fallout after “the vote” seems likely to cloud the remainder of the summer skies. But in all this gloom there are bright spots. Surely? The financial markets functioned effectively. Just as well that the roof has been fixed since the last financial storm. New political leaders will emerge and financial markets will eventually respond, to hopefully, a new sense

Brexit…right up my street?

So will the UK’s EU referendum on 23 June give rise to change? What better way to reflect on this question than whilst on my daily “commute” to work, but I use the term here in its original definition, from the Latin “commutare”- come all together/to change. Approaching the City “square mile” on foot I feel I’m travelling through time. The historic street names give away little about their past. Cowcross street, Little Britain, King Edward Street, Postmen’s Park, St Martin’s Le Grand, Cornhill, Bread Street, Watling Street, Queen Street, Cannon Street, then finally arriving at the ACT’s offices situated at

What’s on the horizon for treasurers?

I left you with the rather tantalising question, “what does the future hold for the treasurer?” in my last blog on the drivers of change in treasury, and I will start to attempt to answer this. But let me first cite the highly-respected Oxford philosopher, Robert Roland Smith, who spoke recently on BBC Radio Four. He said he believed that we are about to start a “New Age”. Over centuries, he said, mankind had moved through different ages- First was the Age of superstition,  then Age of religion, reason, then most recently the Age of ideas. He predicted that the

Treasury’s drivers of change

Back in February when the mornings here in London were cold and dank and the night skies descended upon us at 4:30pm, I shared with you a few thoughts about the importance of staying aware of treasury trends and how the treasurer’s role has evolved over the last 30 years. Now, as we delight in the seasons change and step into spring here in the UK, allow me to explore the drivers of change in treasury. There have been many, and you will no doubt recognise how several of them feed off each other. Indeed, I may have even missed