I’m going to do nothing!

In the recent member survey you told us that supplementing your treasury technical skills with leadership, influencing, management and communication skills was essential to progressing your career. We listened to that when developing the Career Hub, so there’s a wealth of content covering broader business and behavioural skills, all mapped against our competency framework. “It will help me do more, more efficiently and effectively!” So says an article featured on our new ACT Career Hub, just one of many interesting articles, courses, podcasts, videos and other resources available to members and students to support your career development. But don’t just

This October, is my CAN-DO month

Winter is coming! Nights are getting darker and colder, your favourite series is back on TV and party season is starting. There is more temptation than ever during the winter season to avoid opening up your unit materials. The last thing you want to do when you come home from work is to start your studies… No more excuses! This is your CAN-DO month – a promise to yourself to get motivated and start studying. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to get the work, life and study balance right, but you can start by doing a few steps

6 ways to show off without annoying people

…and other lesser known insider tips for getting ahead in your career Picture the scene. You’ve passed your ACT exams with flying colours, all those hours of hard work have paid off, and you’ve just started your dream job in treasury. Happy days. Then your new CEO asks you to conduct an analysis of the treasury department’s policies and processes, and present your findings to the board. Panic. The only presentation you’ve ever given was about fifteen years ago at university, to a group of very bored and largely hungover fellow students. Memories of malfunctioning laptops, thumbed scraps of paper

ACT career hub

I’m delighted to announce the launch of the new ACT career hub There is a wealth of information on this new site, from Ashridge Business school course content to industry guides to CV builders – and all exclusive to members and students! Do log in to your account (all members and students have an account, if you have forgotten your password go to www.treasurers.org/user) and have a look! Why we’ve done it One of the key objectives I wanted to achieve when putting together the site was to ensure members and students had support in the Business Skills, Behavioural Skills and Character

Resisting the urge to watch Game of Thrones

We’ve all been there. You WANT to do well. You have a desire to be successful, and if someone were to ask you “do you want to pass this course with flying colours?” the answer would undoubtedly be “yes!” But… But when it comes to putting this thought into action, it’s not quite as easy as promising yourself that you’re going to give it your all, and then putting your feet up to watch Game of Thrones while waiting for the good results to show up. The hard truth The truth is, in order to achieve a significant goal, you need to

Work smart, not hard: Tip 1

Those with children will no doubt be aware that the Summer holidays have recently begun and with it a swarm of excited children are out in the wild for six glorious weeks. At that age it seems as if the Summer will last forever, school a long forgotten bad memory. Around August there will be uniform fittings and the sadness that the Summer adventures are now coming to an end. One of the ways that I was tempted back to school as a child was with a brand new set of stationary. The idea of the crisp new notebooks, the

Reflections on career management

Actively take hold of your career and manage where you want to go and how to get there. That was the key message from the Treasury Careers Evening on Thursday 25 June, attended by over 100 treasury and finance professionals It’s not enough to simply let your careers develop, you have to take control of where you want to go. But what is the market like now, are there enough opportunities and what tried and tested tips are there to help you along the way? The good news is that we are in a market that has the highest employment

Mind mapping

Over the course of the next few newsletters I’m going to be sharing a few tips with you which I’ve learned over the years to help me study successfully.

This month I want to share “Mind Mapping®” with you. Invented by Tony Buzan who’s an expert in memory and the mind, it’s a great technique which you’ll find yourself using all the time. Mind Mapping® can be used to:
  • remember things (great for revising)
  • structure things (like an exam answer or a work report)
  • take notes in a meeting or a lecture