How to make a mentoring relationship work

As we start a new year, one of your new year’s resolutions may be to look at your career goals and to find a mentor to help you work towards this new goal. The ACT’s mentoring scheme can help you to find a mentor who has worked in a field similar to the one you are in (or want to move to) and could be a good way to get your resolutions off to a running start! The most effective mentor search begins by examining yourself. To find the perfect mentor, you need to be clear about your career goals

Career evening: what type of leader do you want to be?

What type of leader do you want to be? This was a question posed by William Montgomery, CEO of TEN, at the Future Leaders careers evening. Everyone has the ability to enforce positive change. Why? Because ideas change the world. How you communicate those ideas, how you get buy in from colleagues and stakeholders, will determine how much movement there is with your idea. The skill you must learn is how to create a compelling story to bring people along with you. William’s five tips on enforcing positive change: 1. Keep speeches to 20 minutes maximum. Martin Luther-King, Steve Jobs

Start your development plan for 2018

We wanted to wish all our members the very best during the festive season and for the new year. Hopefully a break from your normal routine will provide some much-deserved rest, and allow you to step back, think through what you have achieved in the past year and what you want to achieve in the coming year. As the new year approaches, putting together a development plan for 2018 is a great way to focus on your priorities and to establish a clear direction for what you want to achieve. A development plan will help you to understand: What you

Evaluating learning programmes

The need to develop staff capability to ensure treasury teams can meet their current as well as future goals isn’t a new phenomenon, but today’s treasury leaders and L&D professionals also have to drive these improvements with less money as well as demonstrate the benefit brought to the business as a result of a training course or learning programme. As a result, one of the things we’re often asked when talking to our clients about ACT in-company learning (and if you’ve not heard about what we do, take a look here to find out), is how to prove the effectiveness

Accredited Universities

The country’s top employers have received 13% more graduate job applications. This is according to High Fliers Research in their ‘Graduate Market in 2016’ report compared with the equivalent period in the previous year’s recruitment round. More graduates applying for jobs means that as a graduate you need to find a way to stand out. On the other side, companies want to recruit graduates who have a strong skill-set and a desire to work and progress within their chosen industry. An affiliation with a professional body is a great way of doing this. The ACT has worked with universities in

ACT qualification prizewinners

September and October on these shores always comes that ‘back to school’ ambience. Whether it’s your kids traipsing back to school, or memories of your own heydays in the playground or of packing off back to university, there’s that distinctive feeling of summer being over and normal routine ensuing. Perhaps it’s apposite then that each September, at the Ones to Watch event, the ACT looks back over the success of our students during the previous year and celebrates the efforts of all those who completed a treasury or cash management qualification. We also pay special homage to the students who

Is training and development on your budgeting radar?

Whilst most treasuries will be thinking about their strategic priorities for 2018, some may not be considering how their team’s performance will impact their business’ ability to meet those priorities. For many managers, training and development happens when you’ve got a problem in your team so it can tend to be quite reactive in nature. Taking a more strategic approach to the planning of any training and development activities can reap so many benefits. Some questions to ask yourself: Do you know what your organisation’s overall strategic objectives are for 2018? Have you started planning how your treasury priorities fit

Mindfulness for your career

You may be aware of a story that emerged in the news recently about a web developer who emailed her boss explaining that she wasn’t going to make it in for work because she needed to, “focus on [her] mental health.” (Metro, 10 July 2017) It was the boss’ reply, however, that made the story go viral. “I just wanted to personally thank you for sending emails like this”, went the boss’ reply, commending his member of staff for “highlighting the importance of using sick days for mental health.” (ibid) While not many of us would dream of hitting send