ACT Apprenticeships

I am pleased to share that on the 24 May 2019 the ACT qualifications, Diploma in Treasury Management (AMCT) and the Certificate in International Cash Management (CertICM) have been added to the Financial Services Professional Apprenticeship standard. Over the last few years there is, and has been, a lot of focus on apprenticeships. In order to respond to this changing environment a small group at the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) started to investigate what this may mean for the ACT and what our options are. To gain greater clarity, we spoke to a number of other professional membership bodies,

Strategic leaders in the making

Janet and I would like here to reflect a little on the inaugural residential weekend of the Advanced Diploma in Treasury Management – without of course giving away too many secrets! The residential school weekend kicked off with the first day focusing on preparing the students for the dissertation element of their assessment (students could choose whether to attend the dissertation workshop on the Thursday or Sunday). Jon Jeffery, our Advanced Diploma tutor, supported by Paul Cowdell and Monika Kekelikova, presented a high-energy and engaging session split into two parts. In the morning, the presentation focused on key things the

Leadership skills

What type of leader do you want to be? People often fall into a leadership role – they get promoted, or they move companies and are given responsibility for a team. The skills needed to be an effective leader are often picked up on the job, and it can be difficult to step back and think about what makes a good leader and what leadership skills you want to develop. A key question to ask yourself is ‘what type of leader do you want to be?’ We all have examples of good and bad leadership but by understanding what traits

Supporting treasurers through the ACT Educational Trust Bursary Scheme

Helping emerging economies strengthen as they grow internationally begins with providing high-standard education and training. The ACT fully recognises this responsibility which is why, through the ACT Educational Trust Bursary Scheme, we offer bursaries for treasury qualifications to students from lower-income economies (as denoted by the World Bank). This is a positive step towards bridging the skill gaps between all communities across the globe and bringing countries closer together. Part of the problem hindering international development is that gaining globally recognised qualifications, whilst being a real step to success, can be a financial challenge. In some cases, developed economy prices

Continued education and qualifications for career development

We asked two ACT members to describe their learning paths to date and how they supplement their workload through continuous learning. As we start the new year many of us will be looking at what we may need to do to develop our skills. We usually start this by looking at what we want to achieve and then think about how to get there. The end goal can often seem unobtainable but if we break this down into smaller, more manageable steps we can see how we can get there. Increasingly, members are looking to take control of their development

Journeys to success begin here

Every year the ACT helps grow skilled expertise in the treasury profession by awarding bursaries through the ACT Educational Trust charity. We are committed to providing world-class education and supporting students living in countries with developing economies, to gain relevant qualifications that are highly desired and sought after by employers. By giving students access to training and education that they would have otherwise not been able to access, the ACT Educational Trust Bursary scheme helps to lessen the current knowledge and skills gap between people and countries. This levelling up of access to opportunities allows students to specialise and go

The Year Ahead with the Future Leaders group

As we start a new year, and as I start my term as the Chair of the Future Leaders group, I thought it was a good opportunity to give you a brief reminder of what the group does. The ACT Future Leaders group is designed to support you while you are building and developing your knowledge and reputation. This dynamic and interactive forum will hopefully help you to grow and network with those in a similar position to you. We have a small working group, made up of individuals from various industries, that drives the agenda for the wider group.

2019 – The year of learning

As the new year kicks off, now is the perfect time to reflect and review your learning and development needs for this year (we know you have been meaning to do it). WE CAN HELP We train over a hundred of treasury and finance professionals every year and our face-to-face courses are the ideal way to learn valuable skills in a very short space of time – and action them as soon as you return to your desk. View all our courses at 2019 TRAINING SCHEDULE The A-Z of Corporate Treasury | 28-31 January 2019, Zurich   Advanced Cash