Tips for managing remote teams

Managing a finance team that is spread out across various locations can present challenges, even for the most experienced person. The geographical dispersion of teams has become increasingly common in the modern workplace, but how do you help remote workers feel part of a team? Setting up global virtual teams who were fully part of building (and then delivering) a finance strategy falls within my working experience, as does building a sense of inclusion for a large shared service centre located far from business operations. Here are a few useful tips from what I’ve learnt over the years to help

No cash management, no long-term future

Cash management is often seen as the routine part of the job, the bit where process can be perfected and no-one in the company takes much interest until something goes wrong, like a supplier is not paid. That is a myth! Cash management is the glue which holds the company together and it is the start of the whole strategic process. It’s also a way for the treasurer to get their foot in the door of operations and really find out what is going on. Funding the company is arguably the only job which the treasurer must always get right

The role of a good mentor

Mentoring provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, best practice and open discussion. The ACT’s Mentoring Scheme provides an opportunity for more experienced members to help other members. It provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, best practice and open discussion. To find out more about the scheme visit The mentoring scheme provides useful documents and information about how to get the best out of your mentoring relationship. The role of the mentor The role of a mentor is to contribute towards your mentee’s career aspirations through careful guidance and support. The mentor uses their experience, expertise,

Priority areas of improvement?

The 2016 joint annual poll conducted by financial cloud software provider Kyriba and the ACT found that 62% of respondents had been targets of either internal or external fraud over the past year – up from 43% in the previous survey. But while fraud prevention would, on that basis, appear to be a priority area for improvement, respondents indicated they were far more focused on honing their skills in other areas, such as: cash and liquidity management; cash-flow forecasting; treasury automation; and risk management. The survey revealed that resource-strapped treasurers face the concurrent issues of growing operational complexity, more onerous

2016 Membership roundup

Christmas is just around the corner. As we rush around buying presents, meeting friends and celebrating with colleagues we should remember to put aside some time to think about our plans for the new year – including our career plan. 2016 has been an exciting year for the ACT and we have developed lots of great tools to help with your professional development. The mentoring scheme has had over 100 mentees join this year alone, and we have heard great things from both the mentor and mentee perspective. If you haven’t signed up as either a mentor or mentee yet

CertBALM® Certificate of Banking Asset and Liability Management

The CertBALM® is the first benchmark qualification in Asset and Liability Management (ALM) and one which has been long awaited within the banking industry. Since the financial crisis the management of banks’ balance sheets has come to the forefront with wholesale changes being required in the way banks need to manage themselves. The CertBALM® will equip students with the fundamental techniques by which to be able to recognise, interpret and solve the practical problems arising on a day to day basis from the risks that occur when running a bank balance sheet. In addition, they will also be able to

Under sunny skies!

The Autumn conference season for the ACT has been in full swing around our network from the UK to Hong Kong and today we opened in Dubai for our 8th year, this time billed as the ACT Middle East Annual Summit. Fashions in conference names seem to go in cycles from forums (should that be fora?), summits and exchanges, to roundtables, seminars and retreats all the way back to, well, conferences! I am sure there is research somewhere that tells us what delegates think of the name but in truth, it’s the experience that counts and today has been one

The treasury skill set is in high demand, especially when times are challenging

According to the Brewer Morris salary survey, 64% of those who responded received a pay rise in the last 12 months, while 72% received a bonus. As treasury skills become more sought-after it’s a good time to be in treasury. So started a lively and informative evening on treasury careers. Rachael Crocker from Brewer Morris began the evening by speaking to ACT members about key trends in treasury recruitment. 4 key recruitment trends in the last 12 months An increase in cash management visibility highlighted through increased recruitment into cash management strategy teams (both through growth of existing teams and