The inherent value in finding the right treasury management system

This article was written by Mark Lewis, Corporate Treasury Markets Specialist at Bloomberg. In increasingly complex markets, corporate treasurers need to manage their time more strategically by simplifying processes and using more efficient and automated solutions. Treasury management systems (TMS) are valuable tools for treasurers to achieve such results, providing significant cash visibility and financial controls in order to mitigate risk. Aggregated vendor solutions, patchwork integrations and cost inefficiencies are all major concerns when it comes to procuring a new system. It’s a big investment in time and resources, and the wrong choice may cause treasury workflows to be even

Tackling cyber risks in treasury

On 14 January 2019, the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) alongside the European Association of Corporate Treasurers Cyber Security Working Group hosted an event at Barclays’ head office to discuss current trends in the cyber security space and ways of mitigating cyber risks. The event featured a panel session with a line-up of speakers from companies including the City of London Police, Standard Chartered, Global Cyber Alliance, Steelcase and Barclays.   The source of many headaches As companies continue to evolve digitally, they also become increasingly more vulnerable to cybercriminals deploying more sophisticated attack methods. Daniel Piper, Detective Inspector from

Continued education and qualifications for career development

We asked two ACT members to describe their learning paths to date and how they supplement their workload through continuous learning. As we start the new year many of us will be looking at what we may need to do to develop our skills. We usually start this by looking at what we want to achieve and then think about how to get there. The end goal can often seem unobtainable but if we break this down into smaller, more manageable steps we can see how we can get there. Increasingly, members are looking to take control of their development

ACT’s Charity of the Year

We would like to give a huge thank you to all our members who recently helped raise an impressive £65,000 in aid of countering poverty in Kenya. Proceeds have provided funding towards creating more than 275 new microbusinesses and 350 new jobs. Dorothea Arndt, Hand in Hand CEO, Said: We are truly delighted by the ACT board and membership’s generosity (raising 20 per cent above target). On behalf of hundreds of future Hand in Hand entrepreneurs, the team in London and our colleagues in Kenya, thank you. “When the ACT selected Hand in Hand as its Charity of the Year, we

Cyber Advice for Corporate Treasurers

How treasurers can stay safe in the face of sophisticated cyber-crime. The most popular mechanisms for cyber-attacks consist of phishing, whaling and CEO fraud. Treasurers have many systems in place to combat these and their IT departments will provide basic technological protection measures to combat known threats, but it is worth considering these attacks and their impact in more detail. Zero day Zero day is the term used when a unique cyber attack first manifests itself and has no known defence. It is vital in the event of a zero day attack that the information around the attack is shared

Journeys to success begin here

Every year the ACT helps grow skilled expertise in the treasury profession by awarding bursaries through the ACT Educational Trust charity. We are committed to providing world-class education and supporting students living in countries with developing economies, to gain relevant qualifications that are highly desired and sought after by employers. By giving students access to training and education, they would have otherwise not been able to access, the ACT Educational Trust Bursary scheme helps to lesson the current knowledge and skills gap, between people and countries. In doing so, levelling up access to opportunities and allowing students to specialise and

ACT Cash Management Conference speaker Q&A: Austin Matthews, Assistant Treasurer, Sky

On 12 February the ACT will be running the ACT Cash Management Conference in London. This flagship conference provides a unique opportunity to share best practice, hear practical case studies from leading corporates and network with fellow cash management and treasury professionals. We conducted a short Q&A with one of this year’s speakers, Austin Matthews, Assistant Treasurer at Sky and this is what he said; 1. Tell us a little about yourself – how did you first get involved in treasury? After graduating I started working at a telecoms company called Energis in the cash team – performing bank reconciliations

The Year Ahead with the Future Leaders group

As we start a new year, and as I start my term as the Chair of the Future Leaders group, I thought it was a good opportunity to give you a brief reminder of what the group does. The ACT Future Leaders group is designed to support you while you are building and developing your knowledge and reputation. This dynamic and interactive forum will hopefully help you to grow and network with those in a similar position to you. We have a small working group, made up of individuals from various industries, that drives the agenda for the wider group.