The role of a good mentor

Mentoring provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, best practice and open discussion. The ACT’s Mentoring Scheme provides an opportunity for more experienced members to help other members. It provides a forum for the exchange of ideas, best practice and open discussion. To find out more about the scheme visit The mentoring scheme provides useful documents and information about how to get the best out of your mentoring relationship. The role of the mentor The role of a mentor is to contribute towards your mentee’s career aspirations through careful guidance and support. The mentor uses their experience, expertise,

The treasury skill set is in high demand, especially when times are challenging

According to the Brewer Morris salary survey, 64% of those who responded received a pay rise in the last 12 months, while 72% received a bonus. As treasury skills become more sought-after it’s a good time to be in treasury. So started a lively and informative evening on treasury careers. Rachael Crocker from Brewer Morris began the evening by speaking to ACT members about key trends in treasury recruitment. 4 key recruitment trends in the last 12 months An increase in cash management visibility highlighted through increased recruitment into cash management strategy teams (both through growth of existing teams and

6 things you need to know about personal brand

Being authentic and believable helps you get the best out of your relationships with colleagues and employers – but you won’t go far if the message about who you are isn’t consistent. This was the thrust of our Career skills series: Personal brand evening on June 9, where Newleaf founder and career coach Susan Binnersley spoke to ACT members about the importance of developing and maintaining a personal brand. This is especially important when you have so many formats available for representing yourself, from live in person to your CV to Facebook to LinkedIn. Why does personal brand matter so much? Your personal brand matters

Build your network, build your skills, build your understanding

How have senior roles changed in the last 5 years? It will be no surprise to you I’m sure to hear that the role of the treasurer has changed significantly in the last 5 years. The profile of treasury and the visibility of the treasurer has also grown in the last few years – fuelled by the changes in the economy and the need for greater financial understanding and transparency. Alex Hyde from Brewer Morris kicked off the treasury careers evening for senior members on Thursday, 21 April, by looking at the trends in the current market and changes to

The perception of time

You have a meeting on Wednesday and your boss rings to tell you it has been moved forward by two days. Do you now think the meeting is on Monday or on Friday? There is no right answer to this question But how you interpret it tells us a lot about how you view time. Using the conceptual metaphor theory, if you thought the meeting was moved to Monday you fall in to the time-moving metaphor category. Time-moving people think time is coming towards them. If you thought Friday, you fall in to the ego-moving metaphor, you are moving toward

Career development: are you an active changer?

Learning is simple – or is it? Well it turns out it’s not so simple. Sometimes you can read something, memorise it, go over it in your head a million times and then forget it at that critical stage. And most people approach tasks differently. Ask your colleagues how to spell a word and some will close their eyes, others will shout out the answer, others will write it down – there is no one way fits all. The fields of neuroscience and cognitive psychology have in the last few decades looked at how the brain actually learns. By understanding

ACT career hub

I’m delighted to announce the launch of the new ACT career hub There is a wealth of information on this new site, from Ashridge Business school course content to industry guides to CV builders – and all exclusive to members and students! Do log in to your account (all members and students have an account, if you have forgotten your password go to and have a look! Why we’ve done it One of the key objectives I wanted to achieve when putting together the site was to ensure members and students had support in the Business Skills, Behavioural Skills and Character